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I never thought
I'd be like this,
with broekn smiles
and scarred up wrists.

No, I never thought
I'd be like this
back when my world
was filled with joy.

never thought
I would cry so much,
and have to remember
faded out scars.

I never thought
I would feel alone
when I was a little girl.

Back when days were simple
and cooties still existed.
When I'd smile and play,
and had such big dreams.

of reaching for the sky,
of singing on stage,
and becoming president.

but it never crossed my mind
that I'd feel pain,
and cry so much
and that my pleas would go unheard

I thought the world
was a happy place,
for me as a little girl,
and I never thought
I'd be this way.

all torn apart,
and hoping to be fixed.
never thought the
pain would last

I thought there'd atleast be someone there,
someone who loved me
and cared for me.
but never as a little girl.

had I thought
those dreams would be
taken away
and I'd be here
left in pain.

no I never thought
as a little girl
that i'd end up
the way I am...
to be honest as a kid i never thought my life would be like it is right now...
dreamlander582 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Writer
In all honesty, I think introversion is a good thing. However, keeping things bottled-up without trying to communicate to someone (by communicate I mean confide in) is no good thing. I've done it for as long as I can remember and I find it hard to correctly express emotions because I'd always suppressed them.

Don't expect people to notice anything. They won't do anything about your troubles because they think you don't want their help when you do. My advice, talk to people. I won't guarantee that it'll be easy but try.
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
Welcome to my world. :P
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