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December 2, 2012
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You looked at him and smiled brightly at his answer, although you were slightly blushing and he was too.
"Yay! Come on big bruder! (name)! We have to get started." Lilly cheered dragging the two of you to the living room.
"Okay bruder, you have to pretend your coming home, but first we have to get things ready." Lilly said pushing him out of the door.
"Okay, okay." Vash said still slightly blushing.
Lilly closed the door and the two of you hurried to get things ready in both the living room and kitchen.
Lilly went and gave the okay to Vash and then she went to the living room and played with her dolls.
"Honey I'm home." Vash said and that was your cue.
"Hello honey, welcome home." You said imitating what Hungary says to Austria when he got home. You smiled at him shyly as he hung his coat. Lilly came in and yelled, "Daddy you're home!"
"Hello honey." He said smiling at Lilly as she hugged him.
You hugged him next and smiled.
"How was your day?" You asked walking with him.
"Wait! You guys have to kiss hello!" Lilly said making the two of you blush madly again.
"Do we really?" You asked shyly. Lilly nodded and you knew there would be no room for arguments. You got up on your tip toes (barely reaching his face) and kissed his blushing red cheek. He then leaned over and kissed your cheek too. The both of you were blushing madly and Lilly smiled happily.
"So how was your day?" You asked again smiling and taking him to sit in the living room.
"It was okay, glad to be home." He said smiling a bit and then his stomach growled.
"Good, would you like anything to eat. I can make some soup." You said shyly. Thank god Hungary taught you how to cook and Feli helped too.
"Are you sure, your not too tired." Vash said.
"No honey, I don't mind. Just watch Lilly and I'll make the soup." You said smiling and went off into the kitchen.

Vash sighed and looked at his little sister.
"Why did I agree to this?" He muttered to himself.
"Because you love her." Lilly said smiling at her brother.
"What! I-I...when did you find out?" he asked.
"I can see it in your eyes plus you mumble it a lot when you think no one's listening." Lilly said playing with her dolls. Vash sighed in defeat.
"Just tell her." Lilly said.
"She's younger than me." Vash said.
"Your point? Russia's older than Canada and England is older than America." Lilly said with her hands on her hips glaring at him.
"But-" Vash started.
"No buts!" Lilly said.
'No buts, you got to tell her." Lilly said.
"Soup's done!" You yelled from the kitchen.

You had set up the table and the soup was already ready to be eaten, and unkowingly to them you had listened in to their conversation.
The other two sat down and so did you. Vash tasted the soup and smiled.
"This is delicouse (name), you are an excelent cook." Vash praised.
"Thank you." You said smiling a bit at him.
The three of you ate happily and talked for a bit.
"I'll clean up." You said when the three of you were finished, you did not fail to notice the look Lilly sent Vash.
"I'll help too." He said.

The two of you cleaned up and were relitivally silent.
"So um...(name) thanks for the delicouse meal." Vash said.
"Your welcome." You said.
"...You'll make an excellent wife one day." Vash said.
"Th-thanks." You stuttered.
"So I have something to tell you." Vash said.
"What is it?" You asked a bit eagerly.
"I l-like you, a lot and forget it." He said turning red yet again.
"Vash I like you too." You sai shyly.
"Really?" He asked.
"Yeah, um...maybe one day we can be real husband and wife." You said shyly.
"I'd like that." Vash said smiling at you. You looked up at him (and thank whatever god that you were on a stool so you could look him in the eyes) and smiled and kissed his cheek again.

"(name)! Mr. Austria is here." Lilly shouted.
You looked away blushing and stepped down from the stool.
"I guess we won't tell big brother Austria." you sighed.
"Not yet..." Vash said kissing your cheek and walking you out.
"I hope it wasn't a problem." Austria said stoicly taking you by the hand.
"No problem at all, hold up you forgot something (name)." Vash said.
He went to the kitchen and came back with a white box tied with a red ribbon.
"Thank you Vash." You said.
"Come on (name), say goodbye." Austria said.
"Bye Lilly, bye Vash." You said and went home with your big brother.

~Extended Ending~
When you got home you opened the box and smiled at the heart shaped chocolate that had the words 'I love you' on it. You smiled and like the little girl you were you twirled around your room and squealed a bit. Things couldn't get better.
"He loves me!" You cheered happily falling back on your bed.
"And who exactly loves you?" Big brother Austria said from the doorway.
"Um..." You said.

"Big bruder phone for you!" Lilly said and handed the phone to him.
"Hello?" He asked.
"YOU LITTLE MONGREL! HOW DARE YOU TAINT MY LITTLE (NAME)! If you wanted to court her you should have come and done things like a true gentleman!" Austria shouted.
"Well look at the brightside of this." Vash said.
"And what exactly is the brightside to all this?" Ausrtia asked.
"Atleast I'm not Prussia." Vash said.
"...True." Austria said.

And in the end you and Vash lived happily ever after, at least as much as you could with an overprotective brother.

So yeah I didn't know how to end =.=''
I hope you like it, and life with an overprotective brother sucks...I know I have a lot of them and sisters. Again I hope you enjoyed it! Comments will be appreciated! And so will favorites!

Disclaimer: I don't own hetalia or you

Ch1: [link]
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GAARAfangirl1017 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Haha "At least I'm not Prussia." XD that made my day ^w^
muuu1234 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
When Austria yelled at Switzerland I was just like 'BIG BRUDER NO STOP D:'
elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He does have a point at least he's not prussia
Saya4 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Artist
u had me up to the point if prussia xDthats when i started to crack up laugjing
Fluttershygirl1 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist
I died at the end xD
iwearamask10 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha at least~ how did I know austria would react like that? Hehehehe this was adorable~
TDarkhamgirl Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist
"At least I'm not prussia"
Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
XD I laughed so hard at that part
jessiejones20jessie Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
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