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He stood there alone, absent mindly playing with small flames around him. The pale slimmers of moonlight glowed around him. Sorrow graced his dark charcoal colored eyes. His mind being plagued by the events of the day.


The day was like any other. Fionna was going to meet with him later on in the outskirts of the woods. It was going to be the two of them, the way he liked it. He walked to their meeting spot, but was stopped when he saw her with Marshall Lee. He was angered a bit, but for her he would try and keep his cool (emphasis on try).
"Oh hey there, Flame Prince!" Fionna exclaimed, her smile making his heart speed up.
He waved hello, and walked towards them not completely ignoring Marshall Lee's grunt of disaproval of him being there.
"Hey is it alright if Marshall Lee joins us?" Fionna asked, and well Flame Prince just can't say no to her.
"Okay." Flame Prince said in his own grunt of disaproval.
"Alright then let's go!" Fionna said dragging both of them, completely oblivious to the angered glares the two boys sent each other.

The day was alright, it would have been much better if Marshall Lee wasn't there but that was just Flame Prince's opinion.
The three of them were out in the woods fooling around, when it happened.

Flame prince went off in search of the rubber ball they were hitting around. When he came back he saw Marshall Lee kissing Fionna, and she was responding.

His heart cracked and he ran. He couldn't control himself, and his flames started to spread. Everything he ran by started to burn and he couldn't stop it. Finally he reached the cliff near his home, that Fionna had helped make. He looked at it with his broken gaze. The home was something he loved, something she had made with him but now when he thought of her he thought of her kissing Marshall Lee and that hurt him more than anything.

He stood there his fists clenched staring out angerly. Flames slowly licked away at the surrounding area making it burn with angered red flames licking away at the once beautiful landscape. Without thinking he jumped into the water.

The cool rush of the water stung him, quickly dousing his angered flames. Images of his life flashing before his eyes.

Him burning lands when he was younger.
Him being trapped in the lantern for being 'evil'.
Being told that he would be alone.
The beautiful girl that helped him get free and learn about the world.
Him knowing that he was in love with the girl that saved him from himself.
The moments he cherished with her.
Her smiles and laughs.
The new experiances.
And finally the moment his heart was broken.
And then back to where he was told he would be alone forever.

Then the stinging stopped as a wave pushed him off to the sandy shore away from his home. Now all he felt was numbness as he slowly got up. His flames being doused by the stinging ocean water. His footsteps dull as he walked past the sandy shores and setting sun and into the darkening forest.

~End Flashback~
Now he sat there alone in the dim moonlight of the night. Wondering how something that made him so happy was now breaking him apart.
Fionna didn't care about him the way he loves her and he knew know one would live up to her. The girl that won his heart and gave him the experiance of a life time. He would be alone forever, for she was the only one that had bothered to look past his 'evil' ways and get to know him. The only one he would love and now she was with another.

He felt like she lied to him. As if she betrayed him, now instead of thanking her for letting him out of his lantern prison he wanted to curse her for it. For if he was never let out then he wouldn't feel so broken and alone.
Poor flame prince! I hope you guys like it and comments are greatly appreciated and so are favorites! And reader-chan comes in next chapter! :D

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Flame prince, fionna, or Marshall Lee :( so please stop reminding me
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