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Fairy Godmother SwizerlandXReader Ch2
"It's good to see you Vash! Aren't you happy it didn't take that long!" Eri the fairy godmother said happily.
"How long?" Vash asked bluntly.
"Oh...about two and half years. Lili will be so happy to see you, your little sister sure is something. Oh this is (name) she's your lover girl." Eri replied.
"I need to see her!" Vash yelled out.
"Hold your guns mister! You ain't leaving without (name) no go and take this lovely lady out on a date and then you can go see your sister! If you try anything." Eri said glaring and leaving the threat hanging. Vash gulped and turned towards you.
Your friend giggled and rushed to leave, to where you do not know.
"Now go, and remember I have eyes everywhere." Eri said to Vash. She turned to you and smiled kindly.
"He's a little rough around the edges but I'm sure you'll get along fine. Do enjoy your time together, and if things go well, and they will, you'll meet his little sister Lili today! Oh she's such a peach." Eri gushed.
"Um..okay. Vash do you wan
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 6 1
Hetalia Apartments .:Chapter 9:. HetaliaXReader
"And here it is!" Tino said pointing to a small shop between a bakery and the bookstore.
"Okay, I'll just park here. Thankfully it isn't crowded." You replied.
You parked the car right in front of the bookstore and the two of you stepped out of your car. He led you into the small shop.
The shop was well organized and clean. It had several laptops on display and the only real mess was at the counter which was filled with wires and circuits.
"Hey Eduard!" Tino yelled out.
"Oh Tino, I see you're back." A voice called out from behind a shelf. After some rustling and a box falling a man with dark sandy brown hair stepped out, pushing his glasses up his nose. He smiled at Tino but then noticed you standing there with your laptop and seemed kind of surprised.
"Oh um, Hello..." He said a bit nervously.
"Hello, I'm (name)." You said introducing yourself.
"Tino didn't say he was bringing anyone." Eduard said glancing at Tino.
"Oh yeah, sorry. It was last minute. (Name) needs her laptop fixed! Ap
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 48 12
Lost one but gained another.:ScotlandXReader:. Ch6
Rosa's mother looked at the two of you expectantly, eyebrow arched questioningly, waiting for one of us to explain.
"Well you see..." You started out.
"Mother," Alistair started cutting you off, "After some time the both of us have decided to pursue our feelings for each other, and we will continue to do so."
Everything was silent for a while and then Angela finally spoke.
"Well its good to know that my son has finally found a suitable woman. And just to let you know, I expect this to be a long courtship." Angela said with a pointed look.
Alistair chuckled and said, "Of course mother."
Rosa cleared her throat and said, "Alistair, it doesn't matter to me that you are my brother, if you so much as make her upset I will be coming after you."
You noticed Alistair shiver a bit in fear and nod, you couldn't help but laugh a bit.
He grabbed an apple and put his arm around you shoulder and led you out of the dinning room. Thankfully you had already finished eating.
As the two of you walked dow
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 13 0
Forever .:Chibi!RussiaXChibi!Reader:.
You were getting a bit chilly in all this snow, as this was the first winter you were experiencing being a new nation and all. You didn't really know where you were going only that you were in your land and were getting closer to another nation and would soon be in there land...maybe they would give a place to stay for a while?
You kept walking getting a bit used to the bitter cold winds.
"Who goes there?" A small voice asked. You looked ahead to see a giant shadow and could instantly sense it was a fellow nation.
" is I... (name of nation)." You say in a shy voice a bit scared as the shadow got closer.
But what you saw was not what you were expecting instead you in front of you was a small chibi nation much like yourself. He was a bit taller than you and had a warm looking pink scarf wrapped around his neck.
"It is nice to meet you (n/o/n)" He says smiling at you, "I am Russia!"
"It's nice to meet you Russia." You says smiling shyly.
"You are cold, da?" He asked.
"Yes,um... I wa
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 81 17
Hetalia Apartments .:ReaderXHetalia:. Ch8
"I'm really sorry about him (name)." Mathew said again as he placed Alfred on the couch.
"It's okay, I realized what it looked like when he saw me like this, but he didn't have to go scream it." You said.
"Well yeah, that's just Al for you." Mathew said laughing but was silenced by the door banging open with Gilbert panting, looking around frantically and then stopped to stare at the two of you with a frantic look.
"OH MY GILBIRD!Birdy did f*ck (name)!" He yelled.
This pissing you off just a bit made you get Mathew's hockey stick and hit against Gilbert's head (amazing how it hadn't broken yet).
"Gosh, now that Gil yelled it again people are going to believe it." You muttered pensively.
"Well if anyone asks I'll tell them it was just my idiot brother over reacting yet again and explain what really happened." Mathew said as he put an unconscience Gil on the love seat.
"That's real sweet of you Mathew," You said giving him a hug. He then went off to the kitchen to get some ice-packs
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 47 8
A little Lost .:Chibi!IcelandXChibi!Reader:.
You were lost. Like so lost that you might as well made it all the way to Narnia by now, you knew that you should have listened to your Papa Mathew and stayed with him. Especially since you were in a land you hadn't been to before. Your Papa had taken you to Norway to visit some friends of his, and well you saw a pretty puffin bird and went after it. Sadly you got lost, as stated before. You got really lost.
"Oh gosh...did was it that way...or that way?" You said out loud to yourself as you look through some paths.
"Maybe I should just wait for someone to find me." You said mostly because you were tired, you sat down by a tree and rested. Soon your eyes got heavy and you fell asleep.
"Mr. Puffin! Get back here!" The little voice of chibi Iceland said as he tried to catch Mr.Puffin who kept flying away.
"Get back here!" He said and tripped. He got up and looked at what he tripped over. It was a little girl who was sleeping on the ground. He remembered something about Mr. Canada worr
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 33 9
Hetalia Apartments .:ReaderXHetalia:. Ch7
You sat down on the cream colored leather sofa and waited for Mathew to come back.
"Here, these are some old clothes, and there is some food in the kitchen you can get or watch some TV while I get the guest room ready." Mathew said handing your clothes that would substitute for pajamas.
"Thanks, I'll change into these later." you said putting the clothes down and followed him into the kitchen.
"Umm...Mathew?" You said to him.
"Yeah (name)?" He asked.
"Do you have any pancakes?" You asked shyly.
"I always do, but I'll make you some fresh ones after I finish, is that alright?" He asked.
"Yeah that's fine." You said to him and sat down.
You got bored a bit too quick and started to wander around the apartment. You wandered around the apartment and came upon a shelf filled with photos.
The first one you saw was of a little boy, whom you assumed was Mathew, probably not even 1 year old yet. He was in a small white gown with a red bow around his neck. In his arms was a stuffed polar bear plus
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 47 14
The Thief Princess .:FinnXReader:. last chapter~5~
You landed into the river Nurse grabbed your arms and swam you into small cave that slowly got bigger as you approached it, once through it closed up leaving no trace. Nurse let you go and you swam to the surface and the both of you got onto shore where the others were waiting patiently for you.
"Glob! (name) you know we could have been royally messed up!" (bff) yelled throwing their arms in the air.
"I'm sorry okay, no one told me about the cameras!" You yelled back.
"Hey it's alright. We always have plans so this was just a small glitch. Besides they still think your Medusa not (name)," Richie started but then saw the look of guilt on your face," Right?"
"Well I may have told him that I'm (name) the thief princess." You said looking at the ground.
"(name)! You know what, it doesn't matter we rarely call you that anyways. Heck we forget what you look like sometimes," Butch said with a laugh," Anyways we can go to our hideout in Black Forest Woods, it's our safest place."
"Alright, it
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 66 32
Not Anytime Soon .:AmericaXReader:.
"Hey." You said to him as you sat on the wooden bench in the old park, placing the package down next to you.
"(name), I got to tell you something." Alfred said his usual care free smile gone and replace with a serious face.
"What is it Al?" You asked.
"(name) I know we've known each other for almost all our lives, and I would hate to botch up our friendship, but I got to say this now before it's too late. Before I have to leave and serve, and there is the chance I may not come back. (name) I love you." Alfred said.
You looked at him shocked. He loved you...
"I know you might only see me as a friend but...well I had to say it before I left, cuz you know there is a chance I may not-" He started but was cut off by your lips pressed against his in a soft kiss.
"I love you too Al." You said and smiled at him after the two of you parted.
He smiled that contagious smile of his and then you remembered the package.
"Here I got you a little something." You said and handed him the brown package.
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 41 2
Why do I hate myself
when I have people who care?
why is it i feel so alone
in a room full of people?
Why do I want to cry
in the middle of class?
Tell me why!
Why is it that
I am disgusted with myself?
That I just want to cry?
Why is it that I'm still here?
I know people care for me,
I have friends,
and people who want me to be happy.
But i'm just not.
I hate myself,
and I don't know why.
I'm disgusted with myself
and I can't see why
anyone would care for me.
When even I hate myself.
and I really have no reason to.
And when I am thinking of why,
I'm thinking of why I shouldn't
but that doesn't break through.
I don't know why
I hate myself
why I'm disgusted with myself.
All I know is that right now
I just do...
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 7 4
The Heart
It is just an organ.
Pumping blood through out us,
keeping us alive.
Yet when you hurt me,
my heart starts to ache.
As if burdened,
and weighed down.
Slowly breaking
with a dull numbing ache
slowly spreading though out.
yet the heart,
is just an organ.
pumping blood through my veins.
Keeping me alive.
So how is it,
That when you hurt me,
it starts to ache.
Burdened by the hurt you caused,
my heart aches in a dull pain
And the reason is you.
and how you lie,
and change your mind
to quick to be sure.
how you just seem to torture
my already worn out heart.
It's is just a heart.
A simple organ,
that pumps blood
and keeps me alive
But it feels so much pain,
all because of you...
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 9 0
I have to tell you.:SwedenXReader:.
"You can't go!" You yelled at him.
"(name), I have to." Your best friend Berwald said.
"No you don't. You have to stay here." You pleaded with him.
He looked at you with a faint smile on his face.
"I'll be fine. And I'll be back." He said holding you in his arms as you cried.
"You better come back." You said into the crook of his neck.
Berwald didn't do anything but hold you tighter in his arms.
He was going off the next morning. First some training then off to war for who knows how long. He had been your best friend for who knows how long, and recently you've developed feelings for him but now, now he was off to fight with the rest of many men.
"Bye (name)." He said to you as he got onto the train.
"Bye Ber." You said begining to wipe your watering eyes.
He held your face and wiped away your tears for you and smiled down at you.
"No more tears. I'll always be with you." He said giving you a friendly kiss on the forehead.
"Ber, I have to tell you something." You said.
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 216 18
Just a dream
You were there,
arm around me
and mine doing the same.
You smiled at me
as we passed by.
none of our peers knowing,
as we left them
and walked down the hallway.
You smiled down at me
and I giggled feeling girlish.
The elevator doors closed,
your arms around me,
shivers of adrenaline
coursed through me.
these moments of secrecy.
Of just you and me,
with no one knowing.
Our little secret
that kept us happy
and the excitement alive.
Your lips touched mine,
oh sweet bliss!
How I loved these moments,
because it was here
that I knew you cared.
but all too quickly
did we have to part.
elevator doors opening.
We walked out normally.
heading to the theater.
but then there was a buzzing.
and I was in my room.
Realization just dawning,
my smile now gone.
For it was all
Just a dream...
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 8 7
Seeing you again .:CanadaXReader:.
You looked at him as he gave you small shy smile. One that was always on his face, but this one was a bit forced as he said goodbye.
"Don't worry (name), I'll be fine." Mathew said giving you a small peck on the lips.
"I know, but I'm still worried." You said back hugging him, not wanting to let go, knowing that it would be goodbye for who knows how long.
"Last call for soldiers!" A loud booming voice yelled out.
"That's my que, I love you (name). And if I don't-" He started.
"No, you are making it back." You said stubbornly, tears threatening to come out.
"But if I don't, please find love again." He whispered into your ear as he pulled you into a warm embrace.
You finally broke at his words, you started crying.
"Soldiers all aboard!" the voice yelled, and Mathew pulled away giving you one last kiss and then boarded the train.
He sat at the window seat and waved at you, his smile gracing his face.
"Come home soon!" You yelled out to him.
"I will!" He yelled back through the open window
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 28 4
The Thief Princess .:FinnXReader:. Ch 4
"Hey Medusa! Long time no see." Finn said coming up to the tree where you sat perched on a low branch.
"yeah, sorry I've been really busy." You said to him, feeling a tad guilty about keeping secrets from him.
"Hey you listening?" Finn asked waving a hand in front of your face.
"Oh sorry, my mind's somewhere else." You said shrugging.
"Well get that mind back in the pretty lil head of yours." Finn said, you laughed a bit at his comment.
"So what were you saying?" You asked.
"Oh if you wanted to go to the candy kingdom." He said.
"Sure that sounds rad." You said and followed him in the direction of the candy kingdom.
The two of you laughed and joked around until you got there and started to look around, but of course someone had to go and happen.
"Finn! Princess Bubblegum requests your presence right away." Peppermint Butler said running towards to them.
"Okay, alright come on!" Finn yelled and ran off towards the castle with you running behind him.
The two of you arrived, and were gree
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 83 17
His second chance...
I'm giving him,
a second chance.
even if he did hurt me,
he's getting a second chance
but right now
we're just friends,
leading on to more though.
And I knew,
that if he came to me
wanting a second chance
I'd give him as many
as he needs
until he gets it right...
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 4 2
my poetry- comes from what i feel and experiance, so don't hate.

hetalia-a love of mine, i hope you enjoy it.

adventure time- from what i know the first FinnXreader, if I'm wrong please tell me where there is one

Random Favourites

ScotlandxReader::Give Me Love
Scotland x Reader
Give Me Love

One month.  It has been one month since he saw you.  It's been one month since he ran his fingers through your silky (h/c) hair.  It's been one month since he's felt your soft, plump lips against his.  It's been one month since he felt your perfect body against his.  It's been one month since he's said, "I love you."
Give me love like her,
'Cause lately I've been waking up alone,
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,
Told you I'd let them go,
And that I'll fight my corner,
Maybe tonight I'll call ya,
After my blood turns into alcohol,
No, I just wanna hold ya.

It's been a month since you broke up with Allistor and it was killing him, literally.  As soon as you left him, packed bags and leaving without a trace, he's spent every second at the bar, drinking himself to the point of vomiting and passing out.  
He'd drink away the pain and sorrow of his lost lov
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Jeremy Shada (voice of finn) :iconadventuretimegurl123:adventuretimegurl123 86 53 Commission: Heroes can be cute too :iconmageofdawn:MageofDawn 13 11 surprise :iconmazrilin:Mazrilin 127 48 YJ: 'HeroSitting' :icondreamadove93:DreamaDove93 2,851 557 Young Justice - Robin :iconjiyulie:JiYulie 445 88 Young Justice :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 11,808 1,825
Reader Insert/Anime Prank Call: Alfred Likes Boys?
America Likes Boys?
Bored out of your mind, you sat up in bed, wondering what to do. You weren't tired, even though it was near four o'clock in the morning, and you had nothing to do. Sighing, you walked out of your bedroom and into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. As you entered the living room, your eyes locked onto your brand new phone. You thought about texting your boyfriend, Alfred, or something, though even he probably wasn't even up at this time. Then something struck you. You hadn't given Alfred your new phone number yet. You knew you were a bit old to be prank calling, but you were desperate for some sort of entertainment. So you dialed Alfred's number, and brought the phone to your ear.
After three or four rings, a tired, "Hello?" Was heard on the other end.
"Oh, I didn't wake you up, did I?" You said in your sweetest voice possible.
On the other end, Alfred grunted. "Who is this, and why are you calling me at 4 A.M.?"
Suppressing a laugh, you said in the same sweet to
:iconiwrite-fanfics:iWrite-Fanfics 240 74
Reader Insert Prank Call 2: Ugliest Guy in France?
The Ugliest Guy in France?
You groaned, moving your phone away from your ear as your boyfriend, Arthur, kept griping and yelling about the person he hated most in the world, Francis Bonnefoy. Now, you couldn't say you liked the guy much yourself, but you weren't going to take the time to complain about him constantly like Arthur did. It was something different everyday! He would call, and it was, 'Francis did this' or 'Francis is such an idiot' or just simply stating how much he hated him.
"Isn't that right?" You heard on the other end of the phone.
"Huh?" You asked, you hadn't been listening at all.
Arthur groaned. "Francis should know how it feels to be insulted and to be told he's ugly and-"
"Yes, yes, he should. Arthur, you need to let this go. After all, you have me, and I don't think you're-"
"You're siding with him?!" Arthur screamed. You sighed, exasperated.
"No!" And with that, you hung up the phone.
Staring at the ceiling, you covered your face with your hands. You did think
:iconiwrite-fanfics:iWrite-Fanfics 153 37
Reader Insert Prank Call 4: Gilbert, 911 Operator?
Gilbert the 911 Operator?
Groaning, you flipped through the channels on your television. There had to be something on. Sighing, you decided to go with some random movie you found. It said it was a 'psycho drama' so you assumed it had to be either entertaining or interesting. Pushing yourself off the couch, you walked into the kitchen to make some popcorn.
You found yourself covering your eyes, wincing, and nearly vomiting up your popcorn throughout the whole movie. Psycho drama? It was just gory death, gory death, slightly less gory death, screams, fighting, blood, and terror. Isn't that more of a horror movie?
Sighing in relief as the movie ended, you took your bowl that had once contained popcorn into the kitchen. Flopping back on the couch, you looked up at the ceiling aimlessly. Now you needed to find something to entertain you again. You probably wouldn't sleep tonight, you had the movie to thank for that, so you needed something that would keep you entertained for awhile.
:iconiwrite-fanfics:iWrite-Fanfics 133 15
Varsity Crossdressing Team :iconsinisterpinkles:SinisterPinkles 89 9 Nazi Funny :iconsinisterpinkles:SinisterPinkles 103 13 .:Lineless China:. :iconfourstardragonball:fourstardragonball 142 13 BrOkEn HeArT... :iconkillerkeksx:KillerkeksX 1,769 383
Broken and Alone.
there was a little girl
she has many mental disorders
she was also suicidal and depressed
she like scissors
she told someone about her problems
and now
she bleeds
she bleeds
she bleeds
to be numb
she bleeds to be numb
this time she dies.
:icontraumaticrecovery:TraumaticRecovery 3 22



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Hello! :iconswedenwaveplz: To let people know I do take requests for Hetalia fics just send me a note! :)

:iconturkeysparklesplz: :iconaustriasparklesplz: :iconspainsparklesplz: :iconamericasparklesplz: :iconestoniasparklesplz: :iconprussiasparklesplz: :iconkoreasparklesplz: :icongermanysparklesplz: <----THEY SPARKLES!!!!!! :iconyaytonyplz:

So yeah call me RecklessMonstrosity, Eri, Romano, Finland, V.M( i am not explaining what that stands for so yeah), or fairy godmother...yes fairy godmother apparently I earned that title from a friend so yeah...

I love to write. I mostly write free verse poetry and fanfiction. I love writing been doing it since I was a little girl barely learning how to write...ah the simple days....

feel free to ask me anything except don't you dare ask what V.M stands for. You can call me that but I will not tell you what it means so :P

My wife ---> :iconbeepmode:
My mommy ----> :iconpenguinflippers:
My fangirl buddies ----> :iconxandernobody: and :iconrighteous-darkness: and :iconkoneko-girl10:
My therapist ----> :iconrighteous-darkness:

i will warn you there are times where i may not update a lot of my hetalia stories. That may be normal cause I do have some difficulty with certain things in my life. I apologize in advance for that.

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